The ees AWARD – Innovating Energy Storage

Energy storage systems are one of the essential pillars of the renewable energy mix of the future, safeguarding supplies to drive the energy transition. As international exhibition series for batteries and energy storage systems, ees (electrical energy storage) is the industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and users of electrical energy storage solutions as well as battery systems.

Introduced in 2014, the ees AWARD is devoted to the electrical energy storage solutions behind the clean energy of tomorrow. The energy award pays tribute to pioneering products and solutions for stationary and mobile electrical energy storage systems. The range of innovations encompasses the entire value-added chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies – from components to concrete applications and business models.

Technologies for the ees AWARD

Innovations in the energy storage industry are driving the modernization of the energy infrastructure and play an important role in creating a flexible and reliable grid system. The ees AWARD has set itself the goal of honoring these powerful innovations in the category Electrical Energy Storage, in which technologies can be submitted such as:

  • Lithium-based batteries
  • Lead-based batteries
  • Redox flow batteries
  • Recycling/second use
  • Fuel cells
  • (Ultra) capacitors
  • Battery management systems
  • Power electronics for storage systems
  • Battery chargers
  • etc.
The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD und ees AWARD winners 2020

ees AWARD Winners 2020

For the seventh time in a row, the ees jury awarded the most innovative concepts and solutions of the energy storage industry with the prestigious ees AWARD. This year, the covected ees AWARD in the category "Electrical Energy Storage" was presented to:

  • Webasto SE
  • ZnR Batteries SAS

This year, the lucky winners were honored in a virtual AWARD Ceremony, which was attended by viewers from all over the world via live stream. Watch the recording of the ceremony and the celebration of the winners.

All about the AWARD Winners

ees AWARD Finalists 2020

The finalists of the ees AWARD 2020 in the Electrical Energy Storage category have been selected:

  • ads-tec Energy GmbH
  • BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH
  • BYD Company Limited
  • Instagrid GmbH
  • LG Chem, Ltd.
  • Pylon Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • volytica diagnostics GmbH
  • Webasto SE
  • ZnR Batteries SAS

All about the AWARD Finalists

Virtual AWARD Ceremony

Every year, the official AWARD Ceremony reveals the winners of The smarter E, Intersolar and ees AWARD.

In order to guarantee the visibility promised and to honor the industry’s innovations on an international stage in spite of the current situation, this year's AWARD Ceremony for The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD have been held online on June 30, 2020.



Testimonials ees AWARD

ees AWARD 2018 Testimonial Mohamed Mostafa and Johannes Ott from SMA

Mohamed Mostafa & Johannes Otto
Head of PG Industrial Storage Solution & Product Manager of SCS, SMA Solar Technology AG
ees AWARD Winner 2018

"SMA is well known as award winner at the Intersolar which is the best statement for giving all our dedication into developing great products. We are honored to be chosen as a winner in the ees AWARD 2018 with the Sunny Central Storage, the core element in our Large Scale Storage Solution. We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers for the quality and capability of SMA storage systems. This is a big motivation to keep up pace and push our solutions to the edge of the limits."

Roland Burkhardt as testimonial of ees AWARD winner 2017

Roland Burkhardt
CEO, Energy Depot GmbH
ees AWARD Winner 2017

"We have been very pleased being nominated and named as winner of the ees AWARD 2017. Energy storage requires stable and functional systems to secure energy supply at home and for business - at any time. During and after the exhibition the ees AWARD has clearly boosted the interest in the CENTURIO energy storage system and we have been able to gain significant attention resulting in multiple additional orders. It is great getting the technical effort honored by visible commercial success. We will continue the path leading to independent energy supply."

Stefan Krokowski as testimonial of ees AWARD winner 2017

Stefan Krokowski
Head of Sales & Marketing, LG Chem Ltd.
ees AWARD Winner 2017

“We feel honored by receiving the ees Award twice in a row and I would like to thank the members of the jury for acknowledging our endeavors put into our Stand-alone Battery Module. Due to its compactness, flexibility and modular design, the Stand-alone Battery Module is well appreciated by our customers, resulting in positive feedback from the market. We look forward to reach a higher degree of customer satisfaction through continued technological improvements of our ESS products.”

Jörg Erdmann as testimonial of ees AWARD winner 2017

Jörg Erdmann
VP of Marketing and Communication, Solarwatt GmbH
ees AWARD Winner 2017

"Our excitement over entering MyReserve Matrix in the 2017 competition was directly influenced by our amazing experience winning in 2015. We feel a great deal of pride displaying the award seal alongside our products in brochures, roll-up banners, and other marketing collateral. It sends a signal to those who know the industry well that we have been weighed, measured, and awarded accordingly!"

Evaluation Criteria ees AWARD

A. Degree of Technological Innovation (30%)

  • Technological advancement
  • Extraordinary characteristics
  • Technological creativity and quality

B. Technical and Environmental Benefits (15%)

  • Technological benefits
  • Environmental benefits and socially relevant features

C. System Integration (10%)

  • System interfaces
  • Installation
  • Compliance with international technology standards

D. Safety (15%)

  • Compliance with international safety standards

E. Economic Benefits (15%)

  • Economic benefits for the user
  • Demand, markets and marketing strategy

F. Proof of Innovation (10%)

  • Proof of functionality and ingenuity, test results, certifications, patents, references

G. Presentation (5%)

  • Format and quality of description and presentation
  • Extent of application documentation

ees AWARD Jury

Member of the ees AWARD Jury: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Vetter

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Vetter
Head of Department Electrical Energy Storage
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Member of the ees AWARD Jury: Julian Jansen

Julian Jansen
Senior Analyst
IHS Markit Technology

Member of the ees AWARD Jury: Nina Munzke

Nina Munzke
Team Leader Stationary Storage Systems
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

Member of the ees AWARD Jury: Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Schwarzburger MA

Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Schwarzburger MA
Editor-in-chief „photovoltaik - Solartechnik für Installateure, Planer und Architekten“
Alfons W. Gentner Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Member of the ees AWARD Jury: Dr. Falko Schappacher

Dr. Falko Schappacher
Managing Director MEET Battery Research Center
University of Muenster

Frank Al Shakarchi as jury member of the ees AWARD

Franck Al Shakarchi
Solar, Storage and Smart Systems Manager
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)